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Current Students

Once you have arrived at EKU you will need to do certain things to maintain your visa status.  You might also want to explore Kentucky or other parts of the U.S. or seek work experience related to your degree.  Here are some links that will help you stay in compliance with the laws governing your stay in the United States.  

Maintain Your Legal Status

Students maintain their legal immigration status by checking in with DSO no more than 30 days before study begins, maintain a full course load and by showing satisfactory academic progress.  Click READ MORE below to see other requirements for maintaining your legal status... 


SACM Sponsored Student Policies

EKU works closely with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) to ensure students enrolled at EKU are in compliance with the sponsor's rules and restrictions in regards to a student's scholarship.  Click Read More below to see the rules established by EKU to help students maintain their sponsored-student status with SACM.



International students are allowed to work provided they obtain prior authorization from their DSO.  Work can be on-campus, off-campus, CPT, or OPT only.  Click READ MORE below to learn more about these opportunities...  



If you plan to travel while attending EKU you need to follow certain immigration rules to ensure uninterrupted travels.  Click READ MORE below to see exactly what documents and authorizations you will need to have...


Get Involved

Make the most of your time at EKU by getting involed in student activities where you will make new friends and learn quickly the in's and out's of American culture. Click READ MORE below to see ways to get involved on campus...