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International Business


Experience Eastern through international study! The General Business--International Business Program at EKU gives business students the opportunity to study global commerce in the 21st century.

Faculty in the program are internationally renowned. Through presentations at international conferences and collaborating with colleagues worldwide, MMIB Faculty are leaders in International Business.

In addition to the curriculum at EKU, students are required to study abroad with one of EKU's international partners.

For the truly ambitious, a dual degree concentration may be taken to earn a BBA from EKU and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Management Studies from The International School of Avans University, The Netherlands. The dual degree program can be completed in approximately four years, or approximately the same amount of time as a single degree.

Broaden your horizons through majoring in General Business—International Business Option!

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The School of Business offers the International Business minor to students majoring in programs other than business who have a desire to gain knowledge in international business and experience business courses through study abroad.

The program consists of 18 hours of required courses and six hours of study abroad business courses. To enroll in a 300-level business course, students must have completed a minimum of 60 hours and have met the prerequisites of the specific course. Students must earn at least 12 hours for the minor at EKU and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all courses comprising the minor.

Coursework includes:

·International Business (GBU 201)

·Principles of Management, Non-business (MGT 301)

·International Business Communication (CCT 310)

·International Management (MGT 430), and

·Six hours of approved business courses studied and completed abroad

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Published on August 29, 2017